How to make computer boot from USB in BIOS

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When you install Windows from a USB flash drive or you need to boot from the CD, as well as in many other cases, you should configure the BIOS so that the computer starts from the desired media. This article will discuss about how to put the boot from a flash drive in the BIOS. There will also be considered and the load from bootable USB pendrive.

How to fix hal.dll error on Windows 7 and Windows 8

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How to fix hal.dll error

Various errors associated with the hal.dll dynamic library can occur in any Windows version: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The text of the error can be different: “No hal.dll», «Running Windows is not possible, the file is missing or corrupt hal.dll”, “File not found \Windows\System32\hal.dll. Here is the manual how to fix hal.dll errors.

Best HDD data recovery software

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Best HDD Data Recovery Software

If you never lost important data, consider that you just got lucky. Information on the hard drive can be lost due to the sudden release of hard disk failure, due to virus attack or simply due to accidental deletion. If you have lost because of this a couple of e-books downloaded from the Internet, it is certainly disappointing, but not very scary. Another thing, if lost almost finished writing a doctoral thesis or the results of years of research. However, each user their own values: for some of the worst loss of the files may be with the passing game, someone will suffer the most because of the loss of unique photographs. Of course, it is best to constantly make copies of important files using the backup software, but if the trouble still occurs, pre-upset, but even more so do not panic. There are a lot of programs that can help you recover lost files.

Installing and configuring Linksys WRT54gL Wi-Fi router with DD-WRT firmware

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In this article, we’ll examine the detailed settings for the router and Linksys WRT54gL to work with a provider in the mode of VPN (PPTP), as well as a DHCP client. Setting Linksys WRT54gL’ll be running the example of a network provider, but this statement could very well be used by analogy in the case of other providers. Choosing Wi-Fi router for writing this guide was not accidental – Linksys WRT54gL refers to the average price category, but he earned much popularity including thanks to the developers of alternative firmware. Thanks to projects such as DD-WRT or Open WRT hero of our today’s article was prescribed in many Linux enthusiasts as a home router.