How to download and install Adobe Flash Player on Android 4.1, 4.2 and Android 4.3

Written by Dmitry Bashlak on . Posted in Android

Download and install Adobe Flash Player for AndroidOne usual trouble Android phones and tablets users face — is how to download and install the Flash player, which would play flash content on various websites. This question became urgent after the Android stopped supporting Adobe Flash technology: now finding the Flash plug-in on the Adobe official website will not work, as well as in Google Play. Here is where to download and how to install Flash player on Android 4.3, 4.2 and 4.1 devices

A quick and easy way to install Flash Player for Android

Generally, in order to install Adobe Flash Player on Android, one should:

  • Find where to download the right fit for your processor and OS version
  • Set it up
  • Run a number of settings

However, right at the time of this writing I came across an App just uploaded on Google Play that allows you to partially automate this process (and, apparently, the application appeared only today – that’s a coincidence). You can download Flash Player Install app from Google Play here: .

Downloading Adobe Flash Player

After installation, run the Flash Player Install, the app will automatically detect which version of Flash Player is required for your device, and will download and install it. After installing the application, you will be able to view Flash and FLV video format in the browser, play flash games and use other features that require Adobe Flash Player.

For the application, you will need to enable the use of unknown sources in the settings of the android phone or tablet – it requires not so much for the program itself, but for the possibility of installing Flash Player, because, of course, it does not boot from Google Play, it simply is not there.

In addition, the application author notes the following points:

  • Flash Player works best with Firefox for Android, you can download it at the official store
  • If you use the default browser, you must first delete all the temporary files and cookies after installing flash, go to your browser settings and enable it.

Below are descriptions of some problems related to the Flash Player for Android and how to fix them them.

After the upgrade to Android 4.1 or 4.2 Flash Player has stopped working

In this case, before proceeding with the installation as described above, remove the pre-existing in the Flash Player and after that installing.

Installed Flash Player, but the video and other Flash content is still not showing

Make sure that the browser you use to enable JavaScript and plug-ins. You can check if you have a flash player, and if it works you can on a special page If you open this address with android you will see the version of Flash Player, so it is installed on the device up and running. If instead the icon will appear, informing you that you need to download flash player, then something went wrong.

Hopefully, this method will help you to achieve the play Flash content on the device.