How to fix comctl32.dll error in Windows 7, 8 and Windows XP

Written by Dmitry Bashlak on . Posted in Fixing errors

In different situations in Windows 7 and Windows 8 can generate errors associated with the library comctl32.dll. The error can also occur in Windows XP. For example, most often this error occurs when you start the game, Bioshock Infinite. Do not look for, where to download comctl32.dll – it can lead to more problems, this will be written below. The error text may differ from case to case, the most typical are:

  • File not found comctl32.dll
  • ordinal was not found in the library comctl32.dll XXX
  • Unable to start the application because the file comctl32.dll was not found
  • Start is impossible, since the computer does not COMCTL32.dll. Try reinstalling the program

And a number of others. The Comctl32.dll bug may appear when running or installing certain programs, startup and shutdown Windows. Knowledge of the situation in which an error comctl32.dll, will help determine the exact cause.

What is the cause of comctl32.dll error

Bug Comctl32.dll arise in cases where the library file has been deleted or corrupted. In addition, this type of error may indicate problems with the registry of Windows 7, a virus or other malicious software, and in rare cases – and the problems with the equipment.

How to Fix Comctl32.dll errors

One of the most important things – do not try to download the comctl32.dll, with a variety of websites that offer a “DLL download for free.” There are lots of reasons why a DLL is loaded with third-party sites – bad idea. If you need a file directly comctl32.dll, it is better to copy it from another computer with Windows 7.
Now, in order all the ways to correct errors comctl32.dll:

  • If an error occurs in the Bioshock Infinite game, something like “Ordinal 365 not found in library comctl32.dll», it is because you are trying to run the game in Windows XP, that you will not leave. Need Windows 7 (and above) and DirectX 11. (Suitable and Vista SP2, if someone uses it).
  • Look for the presence of this file in the System32 folder and SysWOW64. If it’s not there and he somehow was deleted, try to copy it from a working computer and put in these folders. You can try to look into the basket, and so happens that there is comctl32.dll.
  • Run a virus scan on your computer. It is often errors due to missing file comctl32.dll are caused in the work of malware. If you do not have antivirus installed, you can download the free version from the Internet or check your computer for viruses online.
  • Use System Restore to return your computer to a previous state in which this error from occurring.
  • Update the drivers for all devices, and especially for the video card. Update your DirectX on your computer.
  • Run the sfc / scannow in the command line Windows. This will check the system files on your computer and, if necessary, correct them.
  • Re-install Windows, and then install all the necessary drivers and the latest version of DirectX from the official website of Microsoft.
  • Does not work? Test your computer’s hard drive and the computer’s memory – it can be connected with a hardware problem.
  • I hope this guide will help you solve the problem with an error Comctl32.dll.